Picture of the founder of Public Art Garden, Dean Catlett

Hi, I'm Dean, the curator behind these revitalized vintage artworks.

Public Art Garden is where vintage art meets modern decor and the beauty of the past endures forever.

Through exploring the public domain, I've unearthed artworks that tell stories but have faded from popular memory. Each piece here has been meticulously enhanced. Beyond improving resolution, I explore the essence of each artwork. This sometimes involves making subtle adjustments to color or contrast, and other times, it requires a significant transformation, adding new layers of depth and meaning.

I especially enjoy curating art in styles such as flowers, science, Dark Academia, Victorian Era, and Art Nouveau. And who can resist adding a bit of humor and fun?

My Art Journey

Since founding Public Art Garden in 2019, I've had the privilege of selling vintage art through my Etsy shop, as well as seeing my own photography and graphic art showcased in incredible opportunities. Here are a few of my most notable and favorite accomplishments leading up to the creation of this website!

Butterfly art print by Adolphe Millot



Public Art Garden debuted on Etsy, specializing in professionally printed revitalized vintage wall art. This Adolphe Millot butterflies print was the first to be featured in my collection.

Now, with 16,949 sales and over 4,500 five-star reviews, I have been honored to bring beautiful art into so many homes.

Picture of sunset and moon in a black frame


Urban Outfitters

Through a collaboration with DenyDesigns, my photography was featured and sold online at Urban Outfitters.

This photo, "Sunset Moon Ridge," captures a stunning sunset taken during a road trip to Arizona, snapped in a Wendy's parking lot.

Butterfly and flower art in a gallery wall


Honest Renovations

My graphic design, incorporating vintage elements of butterflies, flowers, and a radiant sun, was showcased in a remodel on Season 2 of Honest Renovations.

Vintage wall art featuring a woman kissing the moon, in a room with a bike and books


Public Art Garden

This website was created to offer even more high-quality vintage art designs on notebooks, mousepads, woven blankets, and more!

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy browsing these collections.