Art Disclosure

Accuracy of Listings

This website offers artworks sourced from the public domain, and as such, we are not obligated to furnish details about the artist, artwork name, or other particulars. However, in reverence for the artists and their original masterpieces, we endeavor to give them the acknowledgment they merit. Please be advised that while we make every effort to ensure accuracy, there may be instances where art titles, artists, and dates could contain inaccuracies. If you have any questions regarding a particular piece of art or wish to correct us on any of these details please contact us at


Editing and Modernization Disclosure

While the artworks presented here are vintage and originate from the public domain, please be aware that each piece has undergone digitization and enhancement processes. Adjustments may include but are not limited to color correction, cropping, and various manipulations aimed at invoking a specific emotional response from the artwork. In some instances, the alterations are minimal, limited to essential enhancements and cropping. However, several pieces have been extensively modified, which might introduce elements that are protected by copyright laws. We appreciate your understanding and encourage respect for the intellectual property rights that may pertain to these altered pieces.

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