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The Starry Night Shower Curtain | Vincent van Gogh Bathroom Decor

The Starry Night Shower Curtain | Vincent van Gogh Bathroom Decor

Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night 1889

Decorative Shower Curtain

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The Starry Night Shower Curtain

Turn your bathroom eye sore into the best decorating idea - score!  This made-to-order Abstract Night Sky Painting shower curtain by the master Vincent van Gogh is a beautiful abstract painting of the night sky with the stars and moon swirling in the sky.

Whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel or just want a quick and easy transformation, this vintage revitalized shower curtain is made for you! It fits any standard bathtub, shower or bathtub and shower combo. The artwork is printed on highly durable polyester - so the colors pop and never fade.

Original Artwork Credit | The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh 1889

Product Details

  • 100% Highly Durable Polyester Material
  • Perfectly Fits Any Standard Shower or Tub
  • 12 Double Stitched Loopholes
  • One-Sided Print

Hooks and Liner NOT Included.  Shower Curtain Only.

Please note that while polyester offers adequate protection against water, a liner might be necessary for full waterproofness.

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