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Hands Full of Flowers Mouse Pad | Daisies Design Desk & Office Decor

Hands Full of Flowers Mouse Pad | Daisies Design Desk & Office Decor

Dame with Daisies by Leopold Schmutzler 1864-1940

Smooth Precision Mouse Pad

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Victorian Era Smooth Precision Mouse Pad

Crafting an aesthetic life that inspires you to be creative, or to simply brighten your workday, includes the mouse pad you regularly rest your hand upon.  This made-to-order Hands Full of Flowers mouse pad is a Victorian Era oil painting of a beautiful young woman holding a large bunch of wild daisies.

Whether you are gaming, surfing the internet, studying or getting work done - this revitalized vintage art mouse pad is perfect for your desk setup. The small durable mouse mat surface is designed for precision and comfort and makes for a great gift idea to buy for a friend, girlfriend or co-worker.

Original Artwork Credit | Dame with Daisies by Leopold Schumutzler 1864-1940

Product Details

  • Durable Stain-Resistant Mat Surface
  • Made with High Density Foam
  • Ultra-Thin Slip Resistant Rubber Base
  • 9 Inches x 8 Inches (1/16" Thickness)

Never feel the need to clean off your desk completely and hide your mouse pad in cluttered drawers.  This is a work of art that will beautify and add to the aesthetic of your space!

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